Samsung is taking the opportunity to announce everything underneath the sun at CES, including the next version of its smart fridge that can notify you when you left the door open.

The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator works with the SmartThings app to notify you if you leave the door open by mistake, or troubleshoot when you are experiencing an issue with the fridge.

The fridge also brings back the interior camera that lets you remotely check in on your fridge to see what groceries you need.

With smart home connectivity becoming more prevalent, Samsung’s smart fridge is trying to board the craze and become an integral part of this ecosystem. The company calls it an “intelligent home assistant.”

As has become custom, each year Samsung takes the opportunity to add new features. Last year it was Bixby and this year it is an enhanced Bixby with refined voice commands that leans more on the conversational side.

Samsung didn’t say when and how much its new smart refrigerator will cost.