next-big-thing samsung

HTC knows how to make a great smartphone, but the Taiwanese company has struggled to transform itself into a household name like Samsung or Apple. That may change soon with a little help from Paul Golden, the former Samsung U.S. marketing executive who helped develop the company's "Next Big Thing" tagline.

Bloomberg reports that Golden, who currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Brand Slam according to his LinkedIn profile, recently accepted a job at HTC, citing two separate inside sources. The former Samsung exec has been reporting directly to HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang after joining the company a few weeks ago. The time of his hiring appears to lineup with the launch of the HTC One (M8), suggesting Golden was brought on just in time to help sell the new flagship smartphone.

Of course, Golden's role will likely be more than just increaseing sales for one specific device. HTC needs to establish itself as a major player in the industry with a marketing campaign that can last for more than just a single product cycle. Bloomberg notes that Golden is currently only on contract with HTC for the next three months, though he may stick around for longer.

When Golden worked at Samsung he helped the company take on Apple and successfully overtake its Cupertino rival. Now the Galaxy-maker is the one to beat, and HTC may be turning Samsung's own strongest weapon against it. We can't wait to see what the company comes up with under Paul Golden's guidance.