A new report from Variety reveals Samsung's ambitious but ultimately cancelled plans to invent the perfect TV remote. The top secret project, called  "Perfect Experience" or PX, would have replaced the traditional remote with a stand-alone tablet offering access to TV and streaming services through a unique new user interface.

Perfect Experience kicked off in 2013 after Samsung acquired Boxee, a company focused on set top boxes. After killing off the project much of that team has reportedly been laid off. The firm's former CEO Avner Ronen has also left Samsung, where he had served as a product VP.

At its height the project boasted almost 100 employees in a New York office separate from the rest of the company. Samsung originally planned to launch at CES 2015, but postponed the release until 2016 before canceling it entirely. Perfect Experience apparently ran into issue with potential partners who wanted more control over their own apps, along with internal politics between Samsung's U.S. team and its Korean leadership.

It's unclear if any part of Perfect Experience will live on in future projects, though hopefully all that effort won't just go to waste. According to Variety, Samsung declined to comment on the rumors, but noted that it's always experimenting with new ideas.

"In order to continuously innovate we constantly invest in areas of our business that enhance the Samsung experience for our consumers," the company said.