As the Gear VR rolls out on a wider scale, Samsung will reportedly make its upcoming devices compatible with the virtual reality headset. Not surprising, but there are some logistics that could potentially see Samsung delaying or even scrapping the possibility.

Samsung apparently wants to add the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge to the list of device’s the Gear VR supports. However, we’ve been hearing the two devices will come with smaller 5.1-inch displays; not an issue in and of itself, but the Gear VR was built to snugly fit the Galaxy Note 4, which sports a 5.7-inch screen. Now do you see the issue?

This is all according to SamMobile. The site suggests Samsung could introduce a newer Gear VR to accommodate the smaller devices; or, as an alternative, SamMobile says the upcoming devices will simply feature larger displays. Hmm. Seems like an unfortunate problem to run into, and something I would have expected Samsung to take into account when Gear VR was first introduced last year.

SamMobile said its sources don’t know which direction Samsung is leaning toward, so we’ll have to wait until Mobile World Congress in March. I would have expected Note Edge support to come first, but SamMobile made no mention of that coming on the horizon.