Samsung's grasp on the smartphone market is expected to grow by up to 35 percent this year, further widening the margin between it and companies like Apple. There's probably no company hotter right now in the mobile space—the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are two of the most popular handsets on the planet.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung's broad product lineup, from the entry-level on up to more premium devices, is helping to extend the Korean company's lead over the competition. The smartphone market itself is expected to jump 27 percent in 2013, up to 875 million units worldwide—Samsung alone could sell up to almost 300 million units, the research firm said.

To combat Samsung's advancing global profile, Apple is rumored to be preparing multiple iPhone models (screen size, colors, etc.) over the summer. Strategy Analytics believes Apple will, at the very least, unleash an iPhone mini to further penetrate emerging markets, particularly China.

Samsung, on the other hand, is working on the Galaxy S IV, which is easily one of 2013's most anticipated phones (we're only 4 days in!). That, along with the rest of the company's smartphone portfolio, will boost Samsung's overall market share up to 33 percent for the year. Apple will hover around 21 percent.

If you thought the global battle between Apple and Samsung was intense, it sounds like it's going to get even more heated over the next several months.