The teasers leading up to Samsung’s big March 1 announcement have been exactly what we needed to see from the re-invented company. They’re elegant, intriguing, and, above all, leave you wanting more. This latest teaser, released on Saturday, is precisely that, beautifully teasing the Next Galaxy. And what a device it could turn out to be.

This latest video is all about the design, with the narrator talking about metals that flow, beauty that’s powerful, borders that disappear, colors that come alive and reflections that are free. That actually says quite a bit about what to expect, so let’s examine the video line by line, shall we?

Metals that flow: Well this is an obvious call to the device’s preferred build material. Quality has always been a sticking point for Samsung designs, even though the company’s devices aren’t quite as poor as they’re made out to be. Introducing a metal build will launch the Galaxy S6 into the upper, more premium tier of design.

Beauty that’s powerful: The consensus is is that Samsung is using its own processor to power its newest flagship, and supposed benchmarks have already shown just how powerful it can be. Samsung specs are always top of the line, and we can expect the same come March 1.

Borders that disappear: A bezel-less screen, right? And possibly a curved one, too.

Colors that come alive: Samsung screens are always among the best, and I wouldn’t expect that to change any time soon. The Note 4 is probably the best we can lay our eyes on at the moment, but that might change when Samsung’s latest hits the market.

Reflections that are free: This tells us that users will be able to see the display out in bright light, eliminating pesky reflections.

Samsung doesn’t appear to be very cryptic in its latest teaser, and that’s a good thing. While we don’t really get any revealing looks at the upcoming phone, we’re able to extract a lot about what to expect. When the company isn’t trying to bash competitors, it’s actually quite capable of making something pretty great. Now we’ll just have to see if its upcoming device(s) is any good.