When Samsung first broke through in the smartphone landscape, it was largely due to its marketing campaign lampooning Apple and the iPhone’s ardent following. That hasn’t changed over the years and its latest ad continues the tradition. Samsung takes an interesting approach this time around, pitting three-month-old Galaxy S9 against the four-year-old iPhone 6.

The ad does what Samsung does best; it makes light of and embellishes any and all shortcomings Apple may have. Squarely in its sights is the notch (again) and the battery throttling fiasco. Titled “Moving On,” the ad shows the iPhone 6 performing slow and highlighting how antiquated it is next to various Galaxy S9 devices.

From getting through an airport to watching a movie on a plane, life is just better with an S9. Upgrading seems like the only option, and Samsung argues you should one of its phones.

However, pitting the Galaxy S9 against a four-year-old device seems a little gratuitous on Samsung’s part. Naturally, Samsung’s device was going to end up looking better, but it wasn’t much of a competition to begin with. The Galaxy S9 is better than the iPhone 6 in every way imaginable, from performance to design, and that’s because it’s a modern smartphone. Even so, the iPhone 6’s slow performance seems to have been overly exaggerated.

Samsung choosing to pick a battle it could win easily kind of took out some of the impact it hoped the ad would have. I’m not even sure why the main character with the slow iPhone 6 would not just upgrade to a newer iPhone at the Apple Store she visits even though she’s clearly willing to upgrade.

The entire ad falls short of Samsung’s knack for striking Apple in its weak points, instead just passingly mentioning them. Come on Samsung, I expect better from your ads.