Samsung has made a lot of progress when it comes to mobile design in the past year, but the company is still struggling to keep up with Apple and the design prowess of Jony Ive. Now, the Galaxy-maker may finally have an Ive of its own.

The South Korean company announced its latest hire on Friday, after bringing on Lee Don-tae to serve its new "design wizard" earlier this month, Korea JoongAng Daily reports. Lee previously served as co-president of Tangerine, where Jony Ive worked before leaving for Apple. Lee joined the company as an intern back in 1998 and quickly rose to a top position within seven years.

In his new position at Samsung, Lee won't be focusing on any one device or category. Instead, he'll look to improve design across the board. "He will work to elevate Samsung's design prowess overall rather than focusing on a specific product," a company official told The Korea Herald.

Hopefully, this means we'll see even better-designed gadgets come from the company soon. Samsung hasn't released any major new products so far this year, but with the Galaxy S6 and a circular smartwatch expected to launch in March, we may get a first look at Lee's influence pretty soon.

Correction: A previous version of this article inaccurately stated that Tangerine was founded by Jony Ive. The firm was founded by Martin Darbyshire and Clive Grinyer, with Ive joining in its second year.