We can all agree that large theater screens are great, and thanks to the rapid advancements of display technology in TVs and smartphones, these displays are about to get even better. In fact, that time is already here with Samsung's 34-foot Cinema LED screen.

Samsung debuted its new screen technology at Arena Cinemas' Silhcity theater in Zurich, Switzerland. It promises to deliver a 3D experience unlike anything before it.

According to Samsung, its new LED Cinema screen is capable of ten times the peak brightness of projectors. This will be possible while keeping 4K resolution and consistent picture quality. It will be done in 3D, whereas current projectors suffer from low-res quality depending on the viewing angle.

The jump from projectors to LED screens has been essentially non-existent. 2D LED screens have been available for a while now, but only in three cities in the world—Seoul, Busan and Shanghai. Zurich is the first city to boast a 3D LED screen.

Eventually the adoption rate will pick up as theaters get modernized with the latest screen technology. It's just unfortunate we'll have to a while to experience Samsung's newest 3D screens.