Samsung really wants to get a Galaxy S8 into your hands. So much so that’s it’s bringing back its killer buy one get one free deal it offered a few weeks ago, which promises a free Galaxy S8 without any hassle.

The deal is pretty easy to take advantage of. All you have to do is buy two Galaxy S8 devices from Samsung’s site. Once the devices ship and arrive, go to the order status page and activate one of the devices through a T-Mobile line and you’re done. The time allotted to activate the phone is 14 days, which should be enough time for the devices to ship and arrive.

An automatic rebate will be issued for the original payment for the cheaper device. It’s that simple, no strings attached. Even better, each device qualifies for Samsung’s Entertainment Kit that includes a new case, 6-month Netflix subscription and 64GB microSD card.

The deal is only available for a “limited time,” so you better take advantage while it lasts.