Samsung packed the historic Rainbow Room at 30 Rockefeller Plaza on Thursday to discuss its latest lineup of high-definition televisions and speakers. Here's the full rundown of everything announced from the latest curved TVs to the curved soundbars that go with them.

The South Korean company continued its march into SUHD-quality televisions with pricing and release dates for new entries that it first announced during CES 2015. The most expensive option (model number JS9100) boasts a massive 78-inches, which launches in May for $9,999.99. For a bit less you can pick up the JS9500, a curved SUHD TV available this month starting at $6,499.99.

Starting today there's also the JS9000, which comes in several size variants at 48 inches for $3,499.99, 55 inches for $3,999.99 and 65 inches model for $4,999.99. Finally, Samsung is offering a flat SUHD television (model number JS8500), available in 55-inch and 65-inch variants for $2,999.99 and $3,999.99 respectively.

Samsung also announced a trio of UHD options. The JU7500 Curved TV hits stores this Spring. It's available with a 40-inch display for $1,399.99, a 48-inch display for $1,599.99, a 55-inch display for $1,999.99, a 65-inch display for $2,999.99, and a 78-inch display for $5,999.99. At around the same time the company will rollout the JU6700 lineup with Pure Color technology and similar pricing, though it's not being sold in a 78-inch variant. Starting this month you'll also be able to pick up a flat JU7100 UHD TV ,starting at $1,399.99 for a 40-inch screen and going all the way up to $4,999.99 for a 75-inch television.

If you're looking for a speaker to match your new television Samsung has you covered there too. The company is rolling out a new line of curved soundbars designed to compliment its TVs. Options range from the $1,299.99 high-end model (HW-J8500) with support for HD audio, surround sound and 9.1 channel output to a $499.99 6.1 output soundbar (model HW-J6000). You'll also find $799.99 and $549.99 variants in the middle.

Finally, Samsung revealed a sleek new speaker. The Wireless Audio Radiant 360 R7 features an oval design that should fit into any space while filling your room with omnidirectional sound. It syncs up easily with the company's TVs and soundbars, and you can also control it directly using the updated Multiroom App with a Android or iOS device. The R7 will be available this month starting at $499.99.

There's a lot to unpack here, and we're hoping to get a closer look at the new lineup soon. For now, that's everything Samsung had to share at today's big announcement.