Earlier this year, Samsung announced its impossibly thin TV called The Frame. It takes fusing your TV with home decor to a whole new level, and it can soon be yours.

Samsung almost completely eliminated the bezels on The Frame. All the important components were put aside in a different compartment that made The Frame’s design possible.

Potential customer’s have the option to get special white, beige and walnut shades of real wood bezels for an additional $199.99. This makes the TV look like an actual picture frame, allowing it to seamlessly fade into the background. Samsung also included an “Art Mode” that will continuously display artwork and photographs.

Aside from being a fancy decoration, The Frame is also a 4K Ultra HD TV, which is what most people will use it as. Samsung’s prowess in making gorgeous displays guarantees you will get a quality, beautiful TV.

The Frame will come in two sizes: a 55-inch model that will cost $1,999 and a 65-inch model that will cost $2,799, with availability starting June 18 through Samsung’s website.