The art of designing good emoji is a fine line, a fine line that has been annoyingly violated by Samsung. The emoji found on Samsung devices fail to match what’s found on other platforms, sometimes being downright confusing. Samsung has finally seen the folly of its emoji library and is updating it to something much better.

The updated emoji library is arriving with Android Oreo as its rolls out to Samsung devices. It will be a part of the update from Samsung Experience 8.5 to 9.0.

Samsung’s emoji library never reached the levels of Google’s hideous yellow blobs, but that just made it more frustrating. They were close enough to the likeness of other platforms, but varied in key elements that just made the end result endlessly annoying. A cracker was a cookie, drooling face was a surprise face and the sunglass wearing emoji was smugly irksome.

That is no more. Some of the emoji set to be revamped are the faces and gestures. Others were tweaked to look more realistic. In a minor upgrade, Samsung finally gave its poop emoji a mouth.

We give Samsung credit for the emoji upgrade, but it’s still playing the contrarian. The one hold out is the bunny ears emoji. Pretty much every other platform has two people in leotards with bunny ears, but Samsung just has a regular single portrait emoji with bunny ears.

Samsung is now rolling out the Android Oreo update with Samsung Experience 9.0 to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.