Samsung has released more new smartwatches in the past year than any other company we can think of, but the Galaxy-makers latest wearable device might be its most impressive so far. The Gear S offers a larger curved AMOLED display and a built-in 3G connection along with Wi-Fi and a water-resistant design. All that’s missing is great apps, and now third-party developers have the tools they need to make that happen.

The South Korean company announced a new SDK for the Gear S on Friday, though it’s also already working with a handful of companies to develop new apps for the smartwatch. The Gear S SDK includes access to the device’s 3G service, opening up some possibilities that aren’t available on other wearables. It also supports all the sensors Samsung’s packed into the new smartwatch.

There are already dozens of apps designed specifically for the Gear S ranging from Facebook to Fleksy to PayPal, but opening up the 3G smartwatch to more developers could mean even better and crazier possibilities. Then again, it might not be so easy to convince smaller independent app-makers to spend their time developing for Samsung’s Tizen OS with Android Wear quickly picking up steam and Apple’s rumored iWatch just around the corner.