We’ve already heard a good deal about the Galaxy A lineup of alleged follow-ups to the recently released Galaxy Alpha. Now a fresh batch of leaked images shed even more light on the upcoming mid-range metal smartphones.

Before today we were expecting Samsung to follow the Galaxy Alpha with a 5-inch Galaxy A5 and a 5.5-inch Galaxy A7, but it looks like that might not be the full story. According to Android Mexico the company also has a budget-friendly A3 in the wings. The cheaper smartphone will reportedly cost between $350 and $400, and appears to offer a 4.7-inch display similar to the original Galaxy Alpha.

Overall the Galaxy A series looks like a streamlined version of the more experimental Galaxy Alpha, with a simplified design and a variety of size options to choose from. All three devices should offer LTE support along with some mid-range hardware and 720p displays. The Galaxy A5 is expected to retail for $400 to $450, while the A7 could cost as much as $500 off-contract.

Overall the Galaxy A lineup looks more like a half-hearted attempt to take on Apple with an iPhone-inspired design. Samsung may win over some customers with its metal-rimmed devices, but we doubt these mid-range phones can really compete with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We’d love to see Samsung release a Galaxy Alpha follow-up with cutting-edge specs, but until then it’s tough to get too excited about these upcoming smartphones.