Rumors of a foldable Samsung smartphone have been floating around for years. The company’s even allegedly shown off a few prototypes behind closed doors. Now, we may be getting our best look yet at the futuristic handset thanks to a recent patent.

The patent was filed in Korea two weeks ago and published on Thursday. That’s a shockingly fast turnaround, most patents can take a year or longer to be approved. That doesn’t necessarily mean this one is especially important, but it does offer some insight into what Samsung is working on right now.

The filing details a fully foldable smartphone with a rear camera that looks like it’s pretty much ready for primetime. The design uses a bendable display but also includes a sturdier frame with a built-in hinge. Samsung goes into a lot of detail on how that hinge will work, suggesting it’s very important to the final design.

Of course, it could still be a while before Samsung can release its foldable smartphone. The company has to actually build a working version of this design and mass produce it, and that could take years to accomplish.