Samsung took a first step towards flexible devices with the Galaxy Round, testing out its bendable OLED display in a curved but non-flexible smartphone. The company’s plans for the future, however, involve truly bendable devices, and a new set of photos obtained by Austrian website shows the kind of products it hopes to release.

The main attraction here is a paper-thin smartphone made up of three square-shaped displays. Unfolded it almost looks like a classic flip-phone, with each section showing separate information. A second image shows the handset folded into a triangle while the user shoots a photo of himself with the camera, while a third picture suggests the same device could be folded up to post-it-note size and slipped inside the user’s wallet.

There’s also several tablet designs in different sizes. A smaller e-reader is designed to fold like a newspaper, while another see-through model sits on top of your notebook, letting you take notes with a stylus. A larger tablet device designed for classroom use is shown fixed to each student’s desk, and bending upward to display anything from a working piano to the solar system.

Of course, a concept is simply that: a conceptualization of an idea. Rarely do real concepts make it to the real world looking exactly as they did on paper, though we can certainly dream.