Samsung has taken the wraps of its latest high-end flip phone that stands toe to toe with its brethren, the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Announced in China, the flip phone, aptly called the Samsung W2018, is the newest iteration of the Samsung W line. The device won't launch in the US; it's staying in China where the line has found great popularity.

The W2018 looks like a flip phone, with a keypad inside, outfitted it with two displays. Design-wise, it has an industrial look with a metal body, differing quite starkly from the all-glass Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Here are some of the notable specs:

  • 4.2-inch Full HD AMOLED main display
  • 4.2-inch Full HD inner display
  • Snapdragon 835 processor
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 64GB and 265GB storage options
  • 2,300mAh battery
  • 12MP camera
  • Directional pad and number keypad
  • Fingerprint scanner

Samsung didn't skimp out on specs. That's a fully loaded flagship; it just so happens to be inside a quirky flip phone body.

The Samsung W2018 has most of the major specs as Samsung's other flagships, with the lone exception being the camera. The megapixel count stays the same at 12, but Samsung lowered the aperture to f/1.5—that's the widest aperture any smartphone camera has. Samsung says the camera can take sharper images in dimly lit situations than the competition.

Just in case you were wondering, it also comes with a Bixby button.

So how much will the phone cost? Samsung didn't announce final pricing, but if it's price anywhere near what the W2017 cost, which was a stunning $3,000, it won't come cheap.