Samsung Windows 8 tablet on eBay

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Samsung’s first Windows 8 tablet ever since it was unveiled at Microsoft’s BUILD conference last week, you may be able to snap one up on eBay if you’re quick… but it’ll cost you.

The Samsung Windows 8 Developer PC — which is the device’s official name — was given out to 5,000 participants in a bid to encourage development for Windows 8 software ahead of next year’s launch. However, some of the recipients clearly aren’t that keen on the device, or they simply see the opportunity to make a quick buck, and have begun listing it on eBay.

A number of the new devices have popped up on the auction site, but in order to get your mitts on one you’ll need about $3,500 in spare cash. These sellers are clearly taking advantage of the fact that these are currently the only Windows 8 tablets available right now.

To put that price tag into perspective, you could head down to your local Apple store today and pick up 7 iPads for $3,500, and still have $7 left for dinner on your way home.

Samsung’s tablet is a slightly modified version of its Series 7 device, which is the Korean company’s first Windows 7 tablet. As far as we know, the device isn’t expected to go on sale, and so winning bidders will be one of just 5,000 people who own the slate. However, for me, that still doesn’t warrant that nasty price tag.

If you do have $3,500 spare, and you’re crazy enough to drop that kind of money on a tablet — which boasts a very early build of Windows 8 and currently no third-party apps — then head on over to eBay and make your purchase before Microsoft has the site remove the auctions.

Would you pay $3,500 for one of Samsung’s 5,000 Windows 8 tablets?

[via TechRadar]