Back in January, Samsung announced it was planning to merge its homegrown bada operating system with the open-source Tizen platform, which the Korean company has been developing with Intel. Four months later, we can take a peek at one of the first Tizen-powered Samsung devices thanks to this leaked video walkthrough.

The "barebones," prototype handset in this clip, which is apparently being handed out to Tizen developers right now, is packing a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM processor and a 4.3-inch HD (1024 x 720) display. It also features front- and rear-facing cameras, but as yet there's no camera app to take advantage of them.

The Tizen user interface, apps, and functions look a lot like a mash-up between bada and Samsung's TouchWiz UI on Android, presumably thanks to the Korean company's heavy influence on the platform. All of the core applications are developed with HTML5, according to the video, and the device is designed to use just one physical home button — like the iPhone.

This device is clearly in the very early development stages, so don't expect to see it in your local Best Buy anytime soon. However, it proves Samsung is serious about developing Tizen handsets. In mid-January, one rumor suggested that the company was having second thoughts about its bada-Tizen merger, and that Tizen handsets may not appear after all.

Samsung has promised that the Linux core of the Tizen operating system will be matched to that of bada, so that users who already have bada devices filled with their own apps will be able to transfer them seamlessly when they adopt their first Tizen handset. But unlike bada, Tizen is expected to power high-end, flagship smartphones; rather than budget, entry-level devices.

What do you think to this prototype? Are you looking forward to Tizen?

[via TechRadar]