Samsung has released its first advert for DeX, showcasing the power of ultra-mobile computing with your Galaxy S8. The one-minute clip highlights how the DeX dock can be used to provide you with a desktop PC almost anywhere, making you more productive on the move.

Like Windows Continuum, DeX turns your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ into a computer. Simply connect it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse using the official Samsung dock, and you get a desktop interface that helps you maximize productivity when you need to get things done. It’s a simple yet powerful solution — and Samsung aims to prove that in its new ad.

Titled “The Journalist,” the ad shows how DeX and a Galaxy S8 can be employed to compose a newspaper article from start to finish. The handset is used to snap pictures and start a draft before being transferred to desktop mode, in which it seamlessly edits pictures, handles video calling, and runs Microsoft Word to create the final version of the article.

DeX certainly won’t replace the desktop for most people, but this ad demonstrates that in certain cases, it’s really all you’ll need. When writing reports, editing your best photos and videos, catching up with friends, and even tackling spreadsheets, the Galaxy S8 with DeX is more than up to the task.