Samsung ES8000 TVTVs are evolving to a place only previously seen in Science Fiction. The rudimentary act of simply turning them on/off is being replaced by some of today’s most advanced technology — and you can say Good-Bye to the remote; Gestures, voice control and facial recognition is in. In other words, today’s TVs are nothing like the old relic your grandparents used to own.

Samsung’s flagship ES8000 LED Smart TV has TechnoBuffalo particularly excited. Announced back at CES 2012, the Korean company’s dual-core (and upgradable!) monster doesn’t simply display content; it lets users multitask, use apps and surf the Web — think of it as a giant, bezel-less tablet that can hang on the wall.

Right now our walls are looking pretty empty (hint hint).

Samsung ES8000 Gesture Control

Gesture Control

With the ES8000’s built-in webcam, users can easily access any smart content by simply interacting with the TV. You have hands, right? Instead of jabbing at rubber buttons, Samsung’s Gesture Control turns a user’s hand into a fleshy, natural remote. If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, controlling the ES8000 only takes an effortless wave. Perform your best Obi-Wan impression, and Samsung’s Smart TV will submit to your command.

Samsung ES8000 voice control

Voice Control

Have something to say? Samsung’s ES8000 Smart TV will listen through its built-in microphone. Rather than navigating the treacherous geography of a plastic remote — am I the only one who constantly looks up and down when changing channels? — simply use voice control to access your TV’s smart content. “Hi TV. Smart Hub,” and you’re there. Easy. You can even tell it things like, channel up/down, volume up/down, power off, etc. And if you miss physical interaction, pair voice control with Samsung’s Smart Touch Remote, which has a built-in microphone and track pad for easy navigation.

Samsung ES8000 Face Recognition technology

Face Recognition

Everyone has their own tastes, so why shouldn’t the TV viewing experience reflect that? With Samsung’s Face Recognition feature, the ES8000 will automatically see and recognize a viewer’s visage, giving them instant access to apps and other smart content. It’s also the easiest and quickest way to see a user’s Smart Hub, which displays search, signature services, recommended apps, your apps and what content is currently playing. Think of it as the TVs kernel. Face recognition is also a unique way to summon a user’s address book for Skype calls, which is easily done with the built-in camera.

Your Next TV

Samsung’s ES8000 isn’t just a beautiful, slim, futuristic-looking TV; it’s what the viewing experience was meant to be like. Actually, the Korean company’s effort has gone beyond that by taking all of the best concepts and wrapping it into one intelligent piece of hardware. Of course, the TV includes the exceptional picture quality Samsung is known for. But it really stands out through its host of cutting-edge TV Apps, interaction support, and the integration with Samsung’s Smart View Android app. The fidelity to Science Fiction is uncanny.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Samsung.