Samsung is expected to launch yet another new smartwatch in March at Mobile World Congress, this one with a circular screen and a few new tricks. The latest, according to SamMobile, being built-in wireless charging that could give the device a huge advantage over Samsung's current crop of wearable devices.

The upcoming smartwatch—codenamed "Orbis—will apparently ditch Samsung's cumbersome charging cradles for a simpler design similar to the Moto 360. It's unclear if that means the device will come with its own wireless charging pad, though we're hoping it does.

Orbis is also expected to feature a rotating bezel, inspired by classic analog watches, that could let you navigate the device's software. Then again, it's also rumored to offer a digital crown, like the upcoming Apple Watch, so it's unclear how those two components will interact. Finally, the device will likely run the latest version of Samsung's Tizen software, modified specifically for a round display.

Samsung hasn't exactly wowed us so far with any of its wrist-based devices, but we're holding out hope that Orbis could be the company's break-through device. Either way, we'll be covering MWC live from Barcelona in March to check out the company's latest gadgets. Stay tuned.