Virtual reality is still mostly pitched as a way to escape the real world and dive into a virtual setting, but a new app from Samsung takes the technology in an exciting new direction. Bedtime VR Stories offers parents an intimate way to interact with their kids even when they can’t be home each night.

Bedtime VR Stories requires two Gear VR headsets to work, and it comes with three special masks for the child to wear over the gadget. The app is still just a prototype, but it’s already being tested in the UK and the results are pretty impressive.

The app transports parent and child to a virtual bedroom where two purple blobs represent their heads. The blobs even rotate to match each person’s head movements. The story’s text appears in the virtual world, guiding you through a series of adventures in an experience titled Most Wonderful Place to Be.

Overall this seems like a great idea, though it’s still a little rough around the edges. If Samsung partners with world-class storytellers and animators it could become something amazing.

My only real concern is that an immersive VR experience may not be the best way for a young child to wind down before going to bed. Still, for parents who can’t be home for bedtime, it may be worth the tradeoff to feel like they’re with their children for a few minutes each night.