The Galaxy S8 is still yet to start shipping to customers, but that hasn't stopped Samsung from developing components for its successor, presumably called the Galaxy S9. Well, at least that's what a new report published by Korean news outlet The Bell has led us to believe.

Citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter, the publication claims that a team tasked with creating displays for the upcoming Galaxy S9 started working on prototypes last month and will supply samples in mid-April. About a month after the specification of the panel is finalized, other key parts are expected to be developed in phases.

It's thought that Samsung has started development of the Galaxy S9 early to strengthen the quality control process, in order to ensure that everything is working as it should be and is safe for use by consumers (think Galaxy Note 7 debacle) when it's released.

Obviously, it's too early to speculate about the Galaxy S9

Obviously, it's too early to speculate about the Galaxy S9. That said, it's likely the handset will be available in two sizes, 5.8- and 6.2-inches, like its predecessor. There's also a pretty good chance it'll sport same optical fingerprint reader as the long-rumored Galaxy Note 8, though only time will tell.