Samsung has refuted claims that it will begin remotely disabling Galaxy Note 7 handsets that could be at risk of exploding. Its announcement comes in response to a rumor that claimed the South Korean company would kill devices that aren’t returned for replacement.

Over the weekend, a Reddit user started a thread to tell other Galaxy Note 7 owners that their handsets would be remotely deactivated if they did not swap them for new devices soon. The user claims to have been given this information during a phone call with Samsung.

However, it seems someone got the wrong end of the stick. Samsung has since refuted these claims, making it clear it won’t take any action against customers who decide they do not want to return their Galaxy Note 7 for a new model.

If you already have a Galaxy Note 7 and you’re not worried about the battery problem, then, you’re free to continuing using your existing device; no one is going to stop you. However, it seems like getting it replaced is a sensible decision.

Samsung has confirmed that due to a battery issue, there is a risk that the Galaxy Note 7 (original models) can explode while charging. It’s uncommon — with only 35 confirmed cases worldwide following 2.5 million sales — but it’s still a dangerous risk.

Fortunately, the company is replacing all units sold so far with brand new models, so you have nothing to lose by getting yours swapped.