Samsung is racing against the clock to release the Wireless Charger Duo.

The AirPower was announced almost an entire year ago, but it looks like Samsung will beat Apple to the market with its own multi-device wireless charging mat. Samsung’s accessory, which just surfaced online in a new leak, will be capable of charging two phones or one phone and a smartwatch.

It looks like the Wireless Charger Duo will debut alongside a new flagship. On August 9, Samsung is set to introduce the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Watch, meanwhile, could launch at the same time or a few weeks later at IFA 2018. But it’s clear the idea for this accessory is to have those two products paired together.

Here’s what the new accessory looks like:

Apple’s been struggling to get the AirPower out despite the accessory debuting in 2017 with the iPhone X and iPhone 8. According to a Bloomberg report, the Cupertino-based company can’t figure out how to charge multiple devices without overheating.

In early September, the AirPower could finally be released. Apple has new iPhone models that could boost the accessory’s profile even after such a long wait.

The rivalry between these companies is heating up again. When the summer nears its end, both companies have new hardware to showcase. Samsung also rolled out a new advertising campaign that takes direct shots at Apple for not actually leading in some areas. Apple will likely respond in the fall when its new iPhone models are up for sale against the Galaxy Note 9.

By the way, Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone with a compatible iPhone. The accessory will welcome any mobile device that features wireless charging based on the Qi standard. Now it just depends how much Samsung will ask for this useful accessory.