Samsung is planning an update for its Flow service that will allow users to unlock any Windows 10 PC using the fingerprint scanner on their Galaxy smartphone. The feature is already available with the Galaxy TabPro S, but it is yet to make its way to third-party Windows devices.

Flow is one of the most convenient features you'll find on the TabPro S, but Samsung prevents users from installing the app on other Windows 10 machines. The South Korean company is going to change that this year after listening to fan feedback.

When Microsoft rolls out its next major update for Windows 10 in April, Samsung will update its Flow app to support all Windows 10 PCs. That means you'll be able to install it on any laptop, desktop, or tablet and login to your system using the fingerprint reader on your Galaxy phone.

You will also be able to use Flow to see incoming notifications on your PC, to transfer content between your devices, and to sync app activity.

It made no sense for Samsung to make Flow exclusive to its own Windows 10 devices, since no one is going to choose a TabPro S over another PC purely for this feature. However, allowing it to be used on other machines could well encourage PC users to choose a Galaxy phone.