Samsung has had some wild ideas over the years. Curved screens! Big phones! But after ditching support for expandable storage and removable batteries, the company’s designers may have gone too far.

A new picture shared by @Evleaks suggests Samsung is prepping a keyboard cover for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It’s very reminiscent of Ryan Seacrest’s awful Typo, which is catered to folks who prefer the tactile feedback of a physical keyboard.

For a phone with such a stellar design, it’s not the most attractive accessory; it’s like covering it with a Hannibal mask. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is supposed to be a beautiful object, an example of engineering brilliance. Stick a keyboard cover on it, though, and suddenly it looks we’re back in the early smartphone days, when screens were 480p and everything was a slider.

It doesn’t appear to simply be something you attach to the bottom; notice how the case extends all the way to the top of the device, covering the top corners like shoulder pads. One would imagine the software has been tweaked to accommodate the accessory, but we’ll have to wait and see until Samsung officially announces whatever this is.

Who knew Samsung admired BlackBerry so much? How much would you pay for a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus keyboard cover?