Apple’s Passbook is a neat digital thing among hoards of digital things. Released with iOS 6, the app consolidates your boarding passes, loyalty cards, movie tickets and more into a single location. At a movie? Passbook will pop up. And so on. It’s a very Apple thing, although the idea of digital wallets is nothing new, and starting today it’s almost a Samsung thing.

Available for the Galaxy S III, S4, Note  and Note II, Samsung Wallet is described as “a one-stop destination for your boarding passes, membership cards, coupons and event tickets.” Going forward, compatible apps will let you load tickets onto Samsung’s new wallet, where you can easily manage your digital life. Features include time and location-based reminders, multiple device syncing and even the ability to create your own ticket.

The app itself looks fine, easy to understand, with Samsung’s familiar TouchWiz design—everything is designed as “S” something—applied throughout. Perusing the reviews, many users seem to be experience invalid package errors and the like, so it seems as though Samsung may have preemptively released the app without performing proper quality assurance. A simple update will fix that right up… we hope.