Samsung is apparently trying as hard as it can to earn the title of the best available displays on mobile devices. Most people usually look to Apple's Retina Displays, although Samsung has been holding its own with its gorgeous HD Super AMOLED HD screens. The company isn't stopping there, though. A new report from DigiTimes corroborates with earlier rumors that a 1080p display with a 440ppi is on the horizon from the South Korea tech giant.

Apparently the firm is working to tweak the existing pixel layouts so that it can squeeze more of them on to a single panel. The result, Samsung hopes, is a screen with a resolution beyond 440 pixels-per-inch (PPI). The iPhone 5's Retina Display, by comparison, has a 326ppi. Apparently Samsung has a difficult task at hand, however, as the existing layouts used for most displays put pixels side-by-side, which means it's not as easy to pile as many pixels into a small space.

DigiTimes said the new screens are scheduled to be used in Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV flagship smartphone.