Samsung Galaxy Note 4-11

Samsung may sell more smartphones than any other company on the planet, but the videos watched on its devices rarely come from the South Korean giant. That may change as the firm gears up for another push into mobile video, according to a new report from The Information.

The Galaxy-maker is allegedly investing "tens of million of dollars" into a new project codenamed Volt. The service will feature original short videos meant for mobile consumption. The entire thing is apparently being run by John Pleasants, who left a position as co-president of Disney Interactive for a job at Samsung earlier this year.

Volt is still taking form, and it's unclear exactly what the final product will look like. Samsung is apparently considering a subscription model that could cost several dollars per month, and the service may also include music streaming. At the end of the day, Volt may be closer to YouTube, offering quick simple videos instead of the high-quality original series we've come to expect from Netflix. "No House of Cards," one source told The Information.

Either way, it could be a while before Volt goes from concept to product, though we're curious to see what a Samsung-sponsored video streaming service will offer.