Samsung announced Wednesday that it has updated its TecTile NFC application, which was introduced on the Galaxy S III and is also available on the Galaxy Note II, to version 3.0. TecTiles typically allow you to tap your phone to a special sticker (the TecTile) to activate new settings, launch an application and more. Now you can program multiple actions. So, for example you can put a sticker in your car and tap your phone to automatically activate GPS, Bluetooth and launch the Navigation app.

You can also create profiles for launching those specific tasks. That means the aforementioned scenario could be saved as a “car” profile, but you can also have one set for “night” that turns the phone into silent mode, or “home” which activates the ringer, turns off GPS and connects to your Wi-Fi network.

Samsung also said that TecTile programmers can now unlock tiles that may have been previously locked, or clear one entirely. The application also allows users to forward calls, send notes to email addresses, send an electronic business card and more. Samsung’s full list of NFC-enabled smartphones includes:

Samsung NFC-Enabled Android TM Smartphones

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon
  • Samsung Galaxy S III on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon
  • Samsung Galaxy Note® on AT&T and T-Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy S® II on T-Mobile
  • Galaxy Nexus TM on Verizon, Sprint and GSM Unlocked
  • Nexus TM S ® 4G on Sprint
  • Nexus TM S® on AT&T and T-Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy S® Blaze® 4G on T-Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate™ on AT&T
  • Samsung Galaxy S® Relay™ 4G on T-Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy Victory™ 4G LTE on Sprint
If you don’t already have TecTiles, you can purchase a pack of five for $14.99 from AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile. The update is available for free from Google Play now.