Samsung ES8000 TVSamsung has unveiled its latest flagship Smart TV at CES in Las Vegas today called the Samsung ES8000 LED TV which the Korean company promises is “more than just a pretty face.”

The ES8000 offers a dual-core processor that provides true multitasking and seamless switching between Smart TV applications, allowing you to surf the web while you download or use other applications in the background. For example, you can switch to the NFL app to check the latest score, halfway through a movie you’re watching in Netflix. When you switch back, the movie will resume right where you left off.

All these features are packed into a beautiful set that has hardly any bezel, and a fancy swooping stand that really is a stunner. It has a built-in webcam that allows you to interact with the set using your voice and Kinect-like motion controls with a new feature called Smart Interaction.

The ES8000 also features Samsung’s popular Media Hub, offering on-demand movies and TV shows and content syncing between your Samsung smartphones and tablets. Like Apple’s iCloud service, Media Hub allows you to purchase movies on your tablet while you’re in the office that will automatically appear on your TV back home.

As if that wasn’t enough, the set will be the first of Samsung’s TVs to feature the incredibly popular Angry Birds game, and a new Angry Birds on-demand animated channel — the latter of which is completely free to use.

Samsung has also introduced a number of new services, one of which is called Family Story, which allows you to share photographs and notes with the rest of your family through the TV. Family focus continues with the new Kids service, which offers content perfect for the little ones in your life. (Though they’ll probably be too glued to Angry Birds to use anything else.)

As you’d expect, the ES8000 also offers a full 1080p high-definition display, which is 3D compatible. Samsung is yet to announce a release date or pricing, but we expect to hear more in the coming months.

Samsung reports that Smart TV has become leading platform for television sets since it since launched back in 2008, with over 25,000 televisions now running the Smart TV platform. By the end of this month, over 20 million Smart TV apps will have been downloaded to television sets.

I’m incredibly excited about the Samsung ES8000 LED TV. What do you think of it?