The Galaxy S4’s days as a flagship smartphone may be numbered, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from announcing a steady stream of new variants. Last week the company unveiled a black edition Galaxy S4 headed to Russia and today it announced a Rose Gold model for South Korea’s high-speed LTE-A network.

For the most part, the latest Galaxy S4 variants are the same as the original model. You’ll get the same 5-inch display on the outside and the same powerful components under the hood. The only real difference is Samsung’s decision to swap out the S4’s soft plastic back for the faux-leather material introduced with the Galaxy Note 3, and the added support for LTE-A networks.

Samsung clearly loves that stitched plastic design, which has us thinking it may make another appearance later this year on the Galaxy S5. Honestly, we kind of liked the faux-leather ourselves when we tried out the Galaxy Note 3, and if the new Galaxy S4 was headed to the U.S. we might consider picking one up.