Ice Cream SandwichIf you own the international Samsung Galaxy S II, you’re last on the list to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. Speaking with CNET UK, Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung Telecom and Networks for Samsung UK and Ireland, said the unlocked device will get the update “once [Samsung’s] got all of the operator pieces on board.”

Stanford explained that Samsung won’t know how the update will react on unlocked devices until it’s tested and approved on all the appropriate carriers. “As an open-market customer you will be on a variety of networks, so it’s got to work on whichever network you have chosen,” Stanford said.

While some carriers have already pushed the update out, some operators are still in the testing phase. Stanford said Samsung is working closely to bring ICS to all of its customers as quickly as possible, though there is no definitive date on when it’ll get a full roll out. “We’re really pushing it hard over the next coming weeks,” he noted.

Stanford said folks who have received ICS on their Galaxy S II have been very happy thus far, and noted that the roll out process has been a learning experience that will help with updates for other devices. “We’re always looking for ways to speed [the upgrade process] up — with regard to Galaxy Note… the upgrade on that will be a lot quicker.”

[via CNET]