The Galaxy Core Advance may look like just another mid-range Samsung smartphone, but it has few tricks up its sleeve. The device focuses on usability with a handful of clever features including the ability to scan text and read it out loud. Today, Samsung is releasing three new accessories designed to make it the perfect phone for the blind.

A new Ultrasonic Cover lets you navigate by holding up the phone while vibrations in the case provide a map of the room, similar to the way bats use ultrasound. The company also announced a special stand for the Galaxy Core Advance designed to take advantage of the device’s text scanning feature. Place your phone on the stand and it will automatically begin reading whatever text is placed below. Finally, Samsung announced a set of NFC-triggered voice labels that you can tag with information and leave around the house to help identify objects.

It’s interesting to see Samsung moving into the assistive technology market, where few major phone-makers are developing products or accessories. Apple added at least one useful feature for the disabled with iOS 7, but we’ve never seen anything like the Ultrasonic Cover.

All three accessories are available now to purchase and Samsung says it plans to release similar products for other Galaxy phones in the future.