Samsung on Tuesday announced its incoming 2017 Home Entertainment Lineup, and it’s full of beautiful TVs and impressive sound systems. But the product that stands out is the company’s paper-thin TV that doubles as art.

Originally showed off at CES, The Frame features a nearly bezel-less display and an Art Mode, which instead of the TV falling asleep, the display shows off over 100 different art pieces in 10 distinctive styles, such as landscape, architecture, wildlife and more.

To achieve the impressive design, Samsung crafted the TV with its new Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-mount that completely fuses the TV with the wall. The Frame’s bezels can also be interchanged to fit in with a specific home style. The image Samsung has been using has wood-like bezels that make the TV look exactly like a picture frame. There’s is also an optional Studio Stand customers can purchase with The Frame.

Samsung also announced its new line of QLED TVs as part of its new entertainment lineup. The new TVs come fitted with its latest Quantum Dot technology that will deliver the best possible color accuracy and achieves 100 percent color volume. This along with its curved design will ensure that the TV will look great from every angle. The new QLED TVs will start at $2,799 for the 55-inch version and goes up as high as $5,999 for the 75-inch version.

Additionally, Samsung unveiled its new MS750 Sound+Soundbar and UBD-M9500 UHD Blu-ray player.

Samsung is taking TVs to a whole new level

The Frame is Samsung’s latest attempt to push the boundaries of TV technology. We’ve seen TVs this thin before, but The Frame takes it to a whole new level with its seamless integration with your home’s current aesthetic. Add on top Samsung’s beautiful displays, and you get the complete package. The catch is probably its price, which Samsung didn’t mention, but something tells me this TV is not meant for regular people to purchase on a whim.