Samsung is adding another movie experience to its growing catalog of immersive VR content. Gaming has always been considered to be the market where VR will make the biggest impact, though Hollywood has taken a major interest in the technology as well—and it just might pay off in a big way.

The latest film getting the VR treatment will be Insurgent, the follow up to Divergent, which hits theaters on March 20. Viewers will find themselves enduring experiments after being captured by Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet). The entire experience should only last a few minutes, but it will provide fans of the film a unique feeling of immersion in the Divergent universe.

“Virtual reality elevates the world of Divergent to a whole new level by creating a uniquely exciting and immersive experience for our fans,” said Tim Palen, Lionsgate chief marketing officer.

That seems to be the popular consensus across the industry; support for VR technology is fast becoming a priority among big Hollywood studios, with many of these experiences popping up over the past few months. Samsung, for example, attended the Sundance Film Festival to show off more experiences, including Wild—The Experience, which debuted at CES.

Insurgent — Shatter Reality will be available starting Feb. 27, while the movie is scheduled to hit theaters on March 20.

In addition to exploring these shorter movie tie-ins, Samsung recorded 360-degree VR during last weekend’s NBA All-Star Game.