What you need to know

  • A Samsung official confirmed that Galaxy Fold won't be launching in July.
  • He also confirmed that plans for a launch have not been discussed since the April delay.
  • This paints a dire picture for the launch of the Galaxy Fold.

Since delaying the Galaxy Fold back in April, Samsung has failed to provide an update regarding its release. We still haven't received anything official, but a company rep recently spoke to The Korea Herald and indicated the Galaxy Fold won't launch any time soon.

We've known for a while the Galaxy Fold woudn't launch in June as previous reports suggested. Attention has now shifted towards a possible July launch date, but the company official shot that down.

"If we are running such a media event this month, we should be doing something by now," said the Samsung official. "Nothing has progressed since the April delay."

It definitely sounds like the Galaxy Fold won't be launching anytime soon. What's more surprising is what the official said about nothing progressing since the April delay.

It sure seems like Samsung has no idea when the Galaxy Fold will eventually launch.

As disappointing as the news is, we have to commend Samsung for taking a patient approach on this one. It's truly disappointing the Galaxy Fold isn't available for purchase yet, but if there is a serious issue that could affect the longevity of this nearly $2,000 device, then Samsung needs to take every step possible to ensure customers get the best product.

Luckily for Samsung, the Fold won't have any competition for the time being. Huawei has also delayed the release of the Mate X foldable phone until September to ensure it works as advertised.

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