samsung v apple trialSamsung on Monday argued that Apple didn’t present enough evidence for the Jury to make an informed decision regarding the patent infringement case. As such, the Korean company feels the suit should, after all the time and effort spent over the past several weeks, be dropped entirely.

The two companies allegedly quarreled for nearly an hour in front of Judge Lucy Koh about whether Apple provided enough “documents and testimony” to form a convincing argument, AllThingsD reported. We’ve been following the case pretty closely and, whether Samsung wants to admit it or not, things aren’t looking good for the Galaxy S III maker. Monday’s argument is likely just an attempt to try and get some sympathy, and possibly swing a bit of the momentum in Samsung’s favor.

As the suit continues, the ball is now in Samsung’s court to make a case for its innocence; the company is preparing to first argue that it isn’t infringing on any Apple patents, and that the Cupertino company shouldn’t have been awarded the patents in the first place.

First up on the witness stand for Samsung is Ben Bederson, a University of Maryland professor and among the creators of LaunchTile… The technology was originally designed in the summer of 2004 and designed to work on Pocket PC devices such as the Compaq iPaq.

If Samsung can construct an argument proving something like LaunchTile as a “prior art,” and something that existed before the iPhone was created, the Korean company may be able to show that Apple’s patents are invalid. If that’s the scenario, then maybe Samsung’s wish of throwing this whole thing out will be granted.

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