The Samsung Trender may not be a high-end smartphone, but if you’re a big talker & texter, it may just be worth your time to consider it.  And if you have a teen in your house, it may be downright essential.

Spantechular has gotten its hands on an ad for the new Samsung handset launching on June 5th on Sprint.  Not only is the talk & text plan going to be unlimited, but it’s only going to run $49.99 a month.  Add in the fact that the phone will only cost you $29.99 on a two-year contract, and this may just be the perfect solution for those texting fiends in your household.

Samsung Trender ad

A data plan will cost you extra, but seeing as the phone only has a 2.8-inch screen, that doesn’t seem like a huge loss if you don’t add it.  The full QWERTY keyboard will keep you typing away with no problems, and you can listen to music loaded an an SD card up to 32GB while you totally “diss” whatever Suzy was wearing to class that day.

While we tend to focus on all of the latest and greatest phones that come out, it never hurts to remember that those aren’t the only types of phones the market needs.  Not everyone needs an iPhone or Droid X2 and just needs a basic phone that will make calls and send the occasional text.  If you fit that bill, the Trender may just be what you’re looking for.

[via Spantechular]