What has the world come to when a giant consumer electronics company sees fit to throw a press event in honor of a software update? Oh, wait, that one fruity company has been doing that for years. It’s called marketing. Okay, nevermind, my surprise was mitigated by the Reality Distortion Field ™ for a moment there.

Samsung saw fit to drop an invitation in our Inbox this morning, requesting our presence at a media event at the Samsung Experience in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, August 3. The raison d’gathering? “The official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 major software update,” i.e. the long awaited TouchWiz UX for Sammy’s Honeycomb tablet. The days’ festivities will kick off with a news conference and on-site software updates for media review units, after which Samsung will open its doors to the public: From 1 to 6 pm you can bring your Tab 10.1 to The Experience and get your update, your fresh, hot update sideloaded onto your tablet while you wait.

TouchWiz for Tab 10.1’s LivePanel-based user experience will give Samsung’s tablet a leg up on the Honeycomb competition in terms of user friendliness and differentiation. At least it should; it’s been quite awhile since I first saw a preview version of the user experience, and while I remember being impressed then (it was previewed at CTIA in March), all that really matters is how it looks, feels, and performs when it hits the streets next week.

As you can see on the invite, the software update will also include a re-designed Media Hub interface, and Amazon’s Music Cloud Player and Kindle apps along with a few other goodies. Unfortunately, the update will only be available on site next Wednesday; according to the email we received, “the over-the-air version of the software update which will be available to all Galaxy Tab 10.1 users soon.”

Refresh your TouchWiz memory via this CTIA demo video featuring our pal Will Park, ex-Editor in Chief of IntoMobile. In the meantime, who’s got a Tab 10.1 and can make it to Manhattan next week? Are you psyched?