austin-plant samsung

Samsung said Tuesday that it plans to invest $4 billion renovating a plan in Austin where it builds ARM-based chips that are used in Apple's iPhone and iPad products. The company has also announced that it will spend nearly $2 billion building a fresh facility in South Korea where it plans to replace two lines currently used to build memory chips with a new logic chip line, Reuters explained.

Samsung provides the chips used in Apple's products, that much isn't a surprise, although we weren't aware that Samsung is responsible for about 12.4% of the materials used in Apple's iPhone 4S. That fact is thanks to a recent estimate from IHS iSuppli, AppleInsider said. Apple has been dependent on Samsung for its parts, that much is clear, but it is reportedly looking for other manufacturers to begin providing materials for its devices. One of those manufacturers is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is also capable of producing ARM-based chips.

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