The Mobile World Congress is next month in Barcelona, Spain, and already things are shaping up that we will be seeing a lot of interesting new phones and tablets.  The latest bit of leaked information comes in via Samsung Hub that the Samsung event to be hosted the night before the show’s official opening will feature the debut of both the Galaxy S 2 and the Galaxy Tab 2 tablet.

According to the leaked schedule, the two devices will be discussed for 34 minutes, why such an exact amount of time is a mystery to us, but that’s what it says.

Next to nothing is known about these devices, but the popular belief, of course, is that the Galaxy Tab 2 will move over to Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system since it is designed specifically for tablets.  What the Galaxy S 2 will bring us is completely unknown, but it is obvious that Samsung is running with this whole Galaxy name idea as even mid-level phones are now carrying the moniker.

We’ll be sure to bring you all of the information as it breaks as our own Noah Kravitz is heading over to Spain for the big show next month.

What say you?  What do you think the Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy S 2 will bring us?

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