Samsung confirmed recently that it has plans to sell smartphones running the open-source Tizen operating system this year. Get ready folks, because that means that we’re going to have iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu and Tizen smartphones hitting the market in 2013. Oh boy.

“We plan to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions,” a Samsung spokesperson told Bloomberg Thursday. Samsung is allegedly interested in getting the Tizen devices out the door so that it doesn’t have to rely as heavily on developing Android devices. Google does own Motorola Mobility, a Samsung competitor, after all. Tizen is backed by both Intel and the Linux Foundation.

We assume we’ll hear more from Samsung on the Tizen front during Mobile World Congress in February, which is a very mobile-focused show, although it’s possible we’ll see a few appearances during CES next week.