Samsung recently revealed that it is pushing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, along with several awesome TouchWiz Premium Suite features, to the original Galaxy Note. So if you love a lot of the features on the Galaxy Note II but don’t want to cough up a pretty penny for the new device, you should enjoy several of the fresh additions.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean includes amazing new features such as Google Now, Google Search and incredible performance enhancements, but Samsung’s own additions make it even sweeter. Take Multi-Window, for example, which allows you to quickly switch between applications by pulling out a small menu bar. You can jump from your web browser to your messaging application with just a few taps, for example.

The software update will also include Samsung’s pop-up note feature, for jotting down notes on the fly, as well as pop-up video and browser, which allows you to watch a video or browse the web while doing other things, such as writing an email. Photo note is also included, which allows you to write notes on top of photos and send them off to friends, as is Easy Clip, which lets you quickly crop a part of any screen and save it as an image. Other features include handwriting recognition in S Planner and email, the paper artist filter, enhanced S note and more.

Samsung didn’t say exactly when the update will roll out, or if it will hit carrier devices, such as T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note, although we expect we’ll hear more in the new year.