Samsung's first Tizen-powered smartphone appears to have already surpassed expectations after selling 1 million units in less than six months. To celebrate the milestone, Samsung will launch a Gold Edition Z1 in the coming months.

As BlackBerry and others have learned, launching a new platform to compete with Android and iOS is a near-impossible task. But by making its first Tizen device super affordable — it's just Rs. 5,700 (approx. $95) in India — Samsung has managed to sell a fairly respectable number of units.

1 million certainly won't have Apple or Google too worried, of course, but for a first-generation device, the Z1 is off to a good start. And Samsung hopes to boost sales even further by launching a Gold Edition device in the near future.

"A specific release date has not been given," reports Android Authority, but we do know the Gold Edition Z1 will feature all the same hardware as the original model, and it will come bundled with some free software, including games.

As you might expect, Samsung is also working on new Tizen-powered smartphones that hope to grow the platform even further. The company is hosting a Developer Conference in Shenzhen, China, this September, as well as a Tizen Developer Summit in Bangladesh, India, next month — so it's possible we'll find out more about those new devices at one of these events.