Galaxy S II Invite

Well look at what just landed in our inboxes.  Yep, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S II for the United States will be launching on August 29 in New York City.

Now, I know what you’re saying, “But Sean, it does have a Roman numeral ‘II’ on it, but it doesn’t say ‘Galaxy S’ anywhere on there!”  Well, if there were really trying to hide it from us, I doubt they would have named the image file, “Galaxy_S_II_Invite_v2.jpg”.  Just a hunch.

Considering how well the Galaxy S II has done in other parts of the world, selling 5 million handsets in its first 85 days, we imagine it’s going to have a pretty health life here as well.  With rumors of it being called the Samsung Hercules for T-Mobile and the Epic Touch 4G for Sprint, it already looks set to be off to a good start here.

Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy S II to finally be coming to the United States?

UPDATE: Our own Mike Perlman will be in attendance, so make sure to check back in for all of the coverage!