What would go well with that new Gear VR headset you just got? How about a 360-degree camera to shoot your own content? According to SamMobile, that’s exactly what Samsung will announce at its Feb. 21 event.

The site claims Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera will be a standalone device capable of recording 360-degree video, similar to what Ricoh offers with the Theta S. The device will feature a dual lens setup, but will allow fans to take advantage of a single lens mode as well; max resolution in dual lens mode will be 3840 x 1920, and 1920 x 1920 for single lens.

SamMobile claims Gear 360 VR owners will be able to see a live video feed from a connected phone, allowing users to get a better sense of what they’re shooting. It’s unclear if video can be directly streamed to a phone inside Gear VR, nor is it clear if video can be streamed live to a service such as YouTube.

In addition to its dual lens setup, the camera will come with features such as HDR, exposure control, white balance, ISO settings, and more.


No potential price was revealed by SamMobile’s sources, but we’d expect it to fall in around the $300 range; for comparison, the Theta S starts at $349.

While VR is becoming more popular, is it popular enough to get people to film their own content? Recently we’ve seen a number of new cameras capable of recording 360-degree video, so it would seem companies are banking on interest for this technology to rise in 2016. However, when you consider you need a Galaxy S7, Gear VR and Gear 360 VR camera, the technology can get expensive.

We’ll see what Samsung has planned when it takes the stage in Barcelona at the end of the month.